The Eco-Elegance Mobile Car Care structured business opportunity now brings successful entrepreneurship within the reach of anybody with a will to progress and to succeed, a commitment to hard work, and a practical, hands-on approach to life and its challenges.



Financially Hard Times – or Golden Opportunity?

The Chinese apparently have a greeting for people they do not like. When parting, they say: “I wish you an interesting life”.

By that definition, South Africans currently have very interesting lives – and economic and political commentators are generally in agreement that the “interesting” things are to escalate.

I am only mentioning a few relevant trends in the RSA that have, or may in the near future have a major negative impact on ordinary people’s lives.

• Unemployment, and Lack of Skills
Everybody is in agreement that Unemployment and Lack of Skills have become a major negative force in our society. NB: This also reflects on the failure of the Education System – even if they manage to turn it around, it will take a decade to produce an employable workforce. And South Africa simply cannot survive that long.

• Labour Policy and Legislation
It has become very dicey to employ workers, as it is difficult to get rid of those who do not pull their weight. And our workforce by and large (and the Powers that Be) apparently do not understand the principle of Higher Productivity being the twin of Wage Increases.

The above also make would-be Entrepreneurs hesitant to start a business in South Africa.

• Unemployment of educated and/or skilled persons
The major problem in this regard (and the subsequent loss of skilled South Africans to overseas countries) lies in the BEE policy that, incredulously, is still in place 20 years into the New Democratic South Africa.

The Crunch: How can we overcome these problems?

I had the privilege of listening to a talk by the Chief Economist of Nedbank, Nicci Weinmar. She did not mince her words. In reply to a question about what we could do to prevent economic disaster, she answered that the authorities were not going to get it right. “It is up to US”.

This is the crunch. There is general consensus that empowering micro-, small and medium sized Entrepreneurs is the only way the RSA is going to solve its unemployment and economic growth problems.

Many South Africans across the board are financially insecure, and are actually losing the jobs that have been providing financial security for them and their families. They have no choice but to start something on their own – but WHAT? And HOW? And can they AFFORD to RISK their LIFE SAVINGS on “business opportunities” offered via pamphlets in their mail boxes, e-mail solicitations, and internet and other media advertisements – promising streams of income without really having to put in much effort, or having any entrepreneurial skills?

Entrepreneurship has become the obvious choice to enable many victims of the economic downswing to not only survive, but also to prosper – but is should be AFFORDABLE, SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP, built on providing a product or service to satisfy a regular, recurring client base. This also applies to people who have reached retirement age without being able to sustain an acceptable lifestyle on their pension; people who cannot find employment; or possess no marketable skills.

This is where Eco-Elegance Mobile Car Care enters the picture, the solution for neutralising/eliminating the problems that have been pointed out above – turning the Financially Hard Times into Golden Opportunity for both medium sized and micro-entrepreneurs to make a decent living – and even prosper.

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Eco-Elegance Mobile Car Care – Cleaning while Caring

Sefa Financing: The Eco-Elegance Mobile Car Care structured business opportunity has been approved in principle as a business opportunity that will be financed by Sefa (Small Enterprise Finance Agency). The deciding factor will be the profile of the applicant. Sefa’s mandate is to finance would-be entrepreneurs with from R50 000 – R5 million. If you think you may qualify, visit for information and application forms.